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Most popular Migraine auctions

migraine eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:

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Prevent Back Pain – Four ways

Back pain costs industry millions of dollars in lost time. It is one of the major burdens on the health and insurance industries. Millions of people suffer daily misery because of it. Yet most people could avoid it altogether by following this simple back-to-health program.

1. Don’t do things that could hurt your back.

The first activity that comes to mind is lifting. Do you keep heavy items to lift close to your body and use your legs to do the actual lifting? Bend your legs, not your back. This is especially important in the gym. Use a weight belt to do squats or deadlifts.

At the risk of sounding like a nagging mum, do you pay attention to your posture? How you stand and particularly how you sit? An upright spine is subject to much less stress than one bent and twisted by slouching and poor movement habits.

Also consider when you play sports or train. Do you warm up and stretch beforehand and afterwards? Taking these simple precautions is the daily line of defense in preventing back injuries and pain.

2. Do exercise that strengthens your back.

It’s pretty obvious that the stronger your back muscles are, the more support your spine has. Weak back muscles mean the possibility of spinal injury or back muscle strain is much greater when you engage in any activity or exercise where the load weight is taken by your back.

Weight bearing exercise, done properly, will build a very strong back. Be careful though, not to overdo it especially if you are just beginning to use exercise to strengthen your back. Start slowly with lighter exercises or without weights.

3. Strengthen your abdominal muscles.

The abdominals and the back muscles work together to make a strong middle section which supports your upper body. You can’t make a really strong back and neglect the abdominal muscles.

Strengthen your abs with exercises every two days. Try crunches for upper abs and leg raises for lower abs. About 3 sets of 25 each will take less than ten minutes. Your abdominals are a whole set of muscles that work together to support your upper body weight. So a variety of exercises is best in order to condition the transverse abdominus, obliques and intercostals as well as the upper and lower muscles.

4. Keep the body fat low.

Abdomens bulging with excess weight strain the spinal alignment of the low back so keep the weight off your belly. The more body fat you carry the tougher it is on your back.

Keep your diet nutritious, low in fat and take in 4-6 smaller meals a day rather than fewer but larger meals. Building your muscle and raising your metabolism assists greatly in burning off excess body fat and keeping the over weight problem at bay.

Stick to these simple rules and you will not only lessen the likelihood of back strain but your back in general will feel much healthier. That backache you wake up with will probably disappear.

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Latest Magnetic Patch For Pain Relief auctions

Most popular Magnetic Patch For Pain Relief eBay auctions:

Elekiban Magnetic patch for Tense/ Stiff Muscles

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Magic Pain Relief Magnetic Patch for Arthritis Joint Muscle sprain pain 15pcs
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Pip Elekiban 130 magnetic patch for pain relief 48 pcs Made in Japan F/S
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Arthritis Knee Pain Treatment and Herbal Remedies – Relieve Pain and Inflammation

Knee is one of the most commonly affected joint by arthritis, severe pain can hinder even the day to day activities and can cause lot of problem. Sometimes conditions get so deteriorated that a knee replacement surgery remains the only treatment left. Moving the affected joint at least few times in a day is very important for treating arthritis knee which is only possible when patient get relief for sometime from pain and inflammation. Medicines like steroids, narcotic pain medication and NSAID are recommended by the doctors for arthritis knee pain relief, all of these are effective without any doubt but their side effects are well known, NSAID are treated as having minimum side effects of all the three but its complete effects are still not known.

Herbs are very effective ways to relieve arthritis knee pain and inflammation and of course they are free of side effects. Some herbs are effective when taken orally and some are for topical use. Cayenne cream is very popular herbal remedy for arthritis pain relief including knee due to its properties resembling the effects of NSAID. Cayenne cream’s topical application on knee can reduce the signals of pain passing to the brain which makes the patient feel reduced or no pain for sometime. Ginger is an herb which can be used orally as well as externally for knee pain relief. Ginger has rich anti-oxidant properties and promotes blood flow in to the affected part.

Warm mustard oil spread over madar leaf and tied to the knee relieves the pain and inflammation caused due to arthritis effectively. Ashwagandha or withania somnifera is a natural pain reliever and has been recommended in Ayurveda for arthritis pain relief. Some other popular herbs used for arthritis knee pain relief are nettle leaves, in some old medications the sting of nettle thorn was given directly on the knee for immediate relief from pain and inflammation. Massage of warm oregano oil is also helpful in treating the knee pain.

If there is not acute inflammation and pain in the knee then moist heat is very effective to alleviate the arthritis pain. Soak a cloth in warm water and cover the knee till the temperature gets normal, repeat these compresses few times and 2-3 times in a day for pain relief. Hot and cold compresses are also effective for arthritis knee pain relief. In case of acute knee pain only cold compresses shall be applied. Exercises like water cycling is also an effective way to promote movement and blood circulation in the knee joint which reduces the frequency and intensity of the flares of pain. Mobilization therapy exercises are also effective in preventing arthritis knee pain and also alleviating it, however any exercise regimen shall not be chosen without medical opinion. Some yoga poses have been found very effective in relieving the knee pain and even preventing arthritis itself.

Sun salutation is a series of seven yoga exercise which is good for musculoskeletal and cardio-vascular system. Some breathing exercises can promote blood flow in the body for arthritis pain relief and promoting endurance.

Find how Arthritis Supplement helps relieve inflammation and pain. Also know how Arthritis Massage Oil helps reduce pain and stiffness. Find useful Home Remedies for Knee Pain.

Ryan Mutt

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Muscle Joint Pain Symptoms, Causes and Effective Cure

Muscle pains and aches are very common and can involve more than one muscle. Muscle pain involves tendons, ligaments, fascia, the soft tissues which connect muscles, bones, and organs. Muscle pain is most frequently related to overuse, tension, or muscle injury from exercise or physically demanding work. This condition is related with the specific muscles and starts during or just after the activity. So it is obvious that a specific activity is related with specific muscle pain.

Muscle pain is also related with the conditions affecting your whole body. With the growing age our cartilage and joints wear down resulting in an occurrence of pain in muscles and joint. We cannot say that only aging is the main contributor to muscle joint pain. SLE or Systemic Lupus Erythematosus is said to be the main cause. The main cause of muscle pain in the joint is the inflammation of joints which is often referred to as arthritis and it causes swelling, tenderness, a burning sensation, pain and a collection of fluid. The symptoms of SLE are more related with those of viral flu. Due to sudden and severe pain in muscles joints, a person really feels ill.

Due to swelling and pain, the symptoms of SLE and arthritis are similar. In some patients there is a loss of strength due to serious inflamed muscles. These patients do not suffer from severe joint pain.

In some cases people feel pain in the muscle joint before the occurrence of SLE. In severe cases an individual experiences muscle joint pain even while resting. Health practitioners advised the patients suffering from muscle pain to have the right balance of rest and exercise and the people suffering from the problem of SLE are advised to be cautious and must be aware of the activities, so that they must not put an additional burden on the weakened muscles and joints.

Muscle pain in joint can affect any part of the body like hips, shoulders and knees. These parts of the body are more prone to this illness. Overweight also adds stress and difficulty among the patients suffering from SLE. These peoples are more likely to suffer from muscle and joint pain.

There are some problems which contribute to the muscle joint pain and make the condition more complicated. These health problems include

1. Bursitis 2. Tendonitis 3. Avascular necrosis of bone 4. Fibromyalgia 5. Muscle injury 6. Infection 7. Other forms of arthritis

To avoid further complications, early stages of muscle joint pain must be treated properly. Herbal massage oil and ayurvedic supplements are beneficial in providing relief from muscle joint pain.

Read information about Joint Pain Relief treatment. Also know about herbal Arthritis Supplement. Read about Arthritis Joint Pain Relief remedies.

James Napier

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Latest Joint auctions

Some recent joint auctions on eBay:

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