Foot Pain and Back Pain – Do They Relate?

Well unfortunately for me I have the ability to write about foot pain and back pain.  I say unfortunately because my abilities come from first hand experience not scientific education.  I have worked many long hour shifts, to feel the effects of both foot and back pain.  It took many years of suffering before I really started to notice what was happening and why my pain occurred. 

Outside of work I would where expensive sneakers and at work I would where a commercial grade work shoe something generic.  I had always attributed the pain I felt, was from the long hours and not the shoes. Actually I really had not put that much thought into the matter. Then the combination of the two pains really started to add up. Until this point I had been trying not to complain about discomfort but this was really getting painful and I am not getting any younger or lighter so I had to start thinking. 

For the foot pain I bought a more expensive pair of shoes that had more support and a softer sole.  This worked wonders and was all I did for relief for many years.  The back pain had lessened and I was trying to ignore the pain I did feel, hoping it would go away.  We all know how well that worked for me, not very well at all. Then one day a friend of mine suggested I to try a pair of massaging shoe insoles for my uncomfortable dress shoes. The massaging insoles are a unique product very few people have ever even heard of these liquid glycerin filled insoles mimic the feel of walking on a thin water balloon.  They have chambers allowing the glycerin to flow from the ball of the foot to the heel of the foot.

It was this simple shoe insert that really made me admit there is a direct relationship to foot pain and back pain.  They are a truly amazing product hence the name of the website of which sells these insoles  My back pain is almost completely gone and I have all faith it has to do with the proper foot position allowed by the massaging insole.  There are hundreds maybe even thousands of insoles on the market but  very few with the same qualities.

In conclusion from my experience if you suffer from back pain especially lower back pain it may not be a bad idea to start from the ground up. affordable reliable products

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Pilates For Back Pain

As back trouble is a typical problem, it has assorted cures. There are a number of exercises to cure back trouble. But, Pilates is believed to be one of the finest options available. It cures back stiffness in numerous ways. Be it back stiffness or other problems like getting the right posture, Pilates works the very best.

One of the most common reasons behind back pain is poor posture. Pilates helps rectify this cause and thus aids in treatment of sciatica and different kinds of back pain. In Pilates, you are required to concentrate on how your body parts are aligned re each other. It trains you to use muscles in a uniform way so that there’s no needless stress on any specific body part including the spine.

To fight discomforts, it is necessary to build ones core strength. Increased core strength also helps avoid sciatica. Core strength means to have powerful muscles and a flexible trunk. Good core strength ensures correct functioning of body parts to give the backbone the required support.

For many people, core strength is only prohibited to the surface muscles that include the abs and the muscles of the back. Nevertheless core strength includes strength of the muscles that are below the surface. Pilates teaches you the right use of muscles. It trains you as to which muscle you should release or activate and when. This is necessary for back health.

Pilates can also aid you in improving your suppleness and enhance your back welfare. Most people suffer from back pain on account of having employed incorrect bending and lifting strategies. Pilates can also enable the central muscles to work in better cohesion with the abdominals. This helps improve the motion range of your spine ; so hiking your overall flexibleness.

To get rid of any type of problem and pain, one needs to be totally aware of his / her body. Any type of pain in the spinal region should not be ignored as this is a sign of back stiffness. It so occurs that lots of people cannot sense these signals and thus land in bigger difficulty. Pilates gives you the facility to know your body well and understand each signal it gives. It helps you concentrate on the changes taking place in your body. And, slowly you would recognize all sorts of evidence of back pain.

Nevertheless there is something you need to remember when using Pilates to get shot of sciatica. You have got to be very regular with the workout to avail the numerous benefits of the same and it won’t work for you if you only indulge into it occasionally.

Here is some more information on Problems Of Sciatica and Prevent Sciatica.

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Treatment Of Lower Back Pain

Almost everyone experiences lower back pain. It is a common thing for people at ages 35- 50 years old. It may last for some days, weeks, many months or it can also linger for years. But there is no need to worry for there are ways for effective treatment of lower back pain.

Taking note of the symptoms is very important in order to identify it and be able to get proper remedies. One basic signal that one has a lower back problem is that there is a feeling of stiffness, discomfort, and an experience of back strain.

Observing the duration of the pain is also necessary to identify if it is an acute or chronic problem. An acute problem can linger in tension for five to six weeks. While for semi-acute one, it could be seven weeks up to twelve months. If it continues for more than twelve months, it is considered to be chronic pain.

If ever you are experiencing something aside from this aching, like constant tension especially at night, your legs are excruciating, swollen back, there is lack of sensation of your buttocks or there is low bowel control, then you have to seek help from your doctor. Consider these signs to be a serious condition and it requires immediate doctors advice for treatment of lower back pain.

As soon as the doctor checks and diagnoses the condition, then he can give you self-help pointers but if ever you are experiencing it to be severe, then a physical therapist can be consulted. However, for chronic cases, your doctor should advise you to visit a back clinic to check whether it is recommended for pain-relieving injections or for more advanced treatment of a lower back pain, at which point a spinal injection may need to be done.

For a mild condition, self-help procedures are suggested. To get temporary relieve from it, stay alert and active. You should try to do your daily routine as best you can. Do not keep lying in bed for extra long periods of time, as this can worsen the problem. As much as possible, lessen your bed rest. You may also place a readily made hot pack or a cold pack near by to be used on the targeted region in your back.

You may be advised to see a physiotherapist who can help in recovering proper mobility for rapid treatment for a lower back pain problem. Usually, there is a specific exercise series like accurate stretches for particular back pain relief.

Sometimes, the best advice could be varied methods like correcting your posture, a specific work out routine or perhaps a massage that lessens the throbbing. It is always necessary for professional advice rather than ending up in the gym with trendy exercises and fun stretches that give you little or no relief.

There are also tools that you can use, which will help you to perform accurate stretches that would loosen tightness and stiffness. Another treatment of a lower back pain problem, offered by experts is acupuncture. Usually, it is needed for at least three months. However, for chronic cases, back surgery may be needed.

The Healthy Back Institute is the web’s most trusted resource for back, neck pain or sciatica. To learn more about how you can cure your back problems and to get a Free 7 Day Back Pain Cure book please visit

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Here is where you can learn more about back pain causes and other back pain relief options for treating back pain.

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Green Lipped Mussels for Joint Pain Relief

Green lipped mussels are very effective at providing joint pain relief. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Green lipped mussels are shellfish found in the oceans off New Zealand. They differ from other mussel species in that they have a dark brown/green shell and a green lip around the edge of the shell. They contain a very broad spectrum of nutrients, making them one of the most complete whole foods, and they contain a unique combination of fatty acids that are not found in any other marine or plant life.

Green lipped mussels have been a valuable food source for the native people of New Zealand for centuries, but broad cultivation of the mussels didn’t begin until the 1970’s.

Studies have shown that green lipped mussels are very effective at relieving joint pain and stiffness, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis due to their anti-inflammatory, lubricative and soothing properties. There’s also strong evidence that green lipped mussels help improve the health and appearance of skin, hair and nails, and help strengthen the circulatory, immune and nervous systems.

To get all of these health benefits, it’s necessary to eat green lipped mussels raw or take them in supplement form. When you cook or freeze the mussels, or extract the oil from the mussels, many of the health benefits are lost.

Here are five tips for supplementing with green lipped mussels:

1. Many green lipped mussel supplements are made from cooked or frozen mussels, or from oil from the mussels. Look for a supplement that’s made from fresh, live mussels.

2. Take green lipped mussels for a minimum of four weeks before assessing their effectiveness. The effects of green lipped mussels occur over time, not right away.

3. Once joint pain subsides, continue taking green lipped mussels to prevent joint pain from occurring in the future.

4. Try taking green lipped mussels instead of common pain killers such as Ibuprofen. Green lipped mussels treat both the causes and symptoms of joint pain, while common pain killers only treat the symptoms and can often produce negative side effects.

5. Avoid taking green lipped mussels if you’re allergic to shellfish.

In conclusion, if you suffer from joint pain, you should consider giving green lipped mussels a try. They just might provide the joint pain relief that you’ve been looking for.

Discover what other supplements in addition to green lipped mussels are the best supplements for joint pain by visiting

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Support Your Knee Injury

Dealing with your knee injury can be excruciating and painful if you don’t have the right tools to help you lessen the pain. History in fact tells us that knee braces have been widely used centuries ago. Asking your therapist or doctor for medical assistance on how to lessen and cure your pending knee injuries is the best thing to do. And most probably, he will advise you to avail nothing but a certain kind of knee brace.

Elastic knee supports are widely used by many people nowadays. Pre-injury or post-injury, knee supports are effective means of removing existing muscles pains and avoid serious knee injuries. Athletes in all fields use it—soccer players, basketball players, tennis players, football players. The main advantage of using elastic knee supports is to avoid the knee from tearing muscles tissues and prevents it from absorbing all the impact of a sudden injurious force. In fact, an elastic knee support combines with your knee in the most natural way. It serves as an extension of you knee muscles, which avoid it from absorbing the entire pressure from a sudden hit.

The natural compression that it provides in addition to the comfort and flexibility that it provides make it most suitable for individuals who engage in contact and physical activities. Like a soldier to a battlefield, a person who engages in sports with the most risk of getting injured must wear an armor to prevent his body from battering and bruises.

The beauty about elastic knee supports is the comfort it brings. Because of the fact that an elastic knee support is made up of fine multi-stretch cloth, it gives an individual the best protection and maximum movement while engaging in sports.

Moreover, an elastic knee support helps the body to maintain its natural healing process and keeps you from re-injuring your knee. Because it is soft, your knee can still move in its natural order and this will help you avoid extending it in manners that would re-injure your knee.

An elastic knee support could be the answer to your aching knee. Its effectiveness has been proven pre and post injury.

Are you looking for more information regarding elastic knee supports? Visit today!

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